Business Tip #1 – Spend Less Money, You’ll Have More Money

If you are looking for successful business tips to survive in this harsh economic times, then the best tip is to save money. While there are ways to increase sales, and try to bring in more revenue, most of them include spending more money. If you spend $5,000 and bring in $10,000, how much money did you really make? If you spend $0, and save $10,000, how much money did you really make? The answer is simple, it is easier and smarter to save money before you spend money to make money.Still not sure what that means? OK take a look at your company. Every month you have to pay rent for your office or store right? You also have to pay for other things, not only job force but things that add up like; electricity, office supplies, computers, machines, equipment, and much more. Look at your hours of operation for example. If your company is open 10 hours a day and does poor business the first and last hour of the day, why not cut back to only being open seven or eight hours per day? That would save you on a minimum of 10 hours of payroll each week for a company that is only open Monday through Friday. Another example is to try and save on rent. This may only be resolved by moving your operations, but if you have a good history with your land lord you should be able to work something out.Of course if you do not rent but own your property you can also try to have that lowered as well. Commercial loan modification companies specialize in lowering your monthly payments by hundreds of dollars. They work fast and deal with the banks and lenders directly to work out a deal quickly. Commercial loan modification is quickly becoming very popular because the property payments are usually one of the highest monthly bills an owner has to pay.