Home Business Tips – Are You the Leader They’re Lookin’ For in MLM?

Creating relationships is key to becoming the leader people are looking for in order to build a home based MLM business.  What events you attend and who you hang out with will be reflected in the type of leader you are.  If you are associating with people who are going nowhere, then you will go nowhere too!Key attributes of a leaderLeaders keep their eyes on the future – great leaders see reality and the future possibilities. Giving your team hope is what keeps them doing what they know needs to be done to build the MLM team.Dream big dreams – Refuse to believe that something is impossible. When you dream big dreams it will elevate the entire team because when the small success come, and they will, people will be encouraged to do even more. It is no fun to watch someone do something that you said couldn’t be done.  When you dream big dreams you must be willing to make mistakes or you will accomplish nothing worthwhile, be willing to fail. Taking the risks is what will bring the great rewards.Push for high standards and, keep the bar high. Are you the leader who is holding yourself to a higher standard and also holding your team to a higher standard? Winners will stretch to the challenge, whiners will whine all the way out the door. Your team will need to stretch and keep take the risks.   “Excellence is not an exception it is an attitude.” John Maxwell  Short cuts don’t pay off in the long run, you cannot develop the prevailing attitude if you are always looking for a short cut.  The battle that we have all the time is just stopping short, stopping when you get to the point of “getting by”  when you do that little bit extra it will set you above everyone else.  That is where you want to be, set above everyone else because 95% of people will be dead or dead broke by the age of 65, you want to be part of the 5%, Right?!Take care of your team! Bad leaders take care of themselves first, when you address the needs and concerns of your team you will be addressing your own needs as well. An MLM team will not grow and create residual income with a selfish leader.  Be the leader people are looking for.